Mostly posts relating to the Avengers/Marvel movies fandom. But sometimes, there are butts. Or Roosterteeth. Or both simultaneously.

I had a completely innocent dream about the solar system- it was like watching a documentary, it just went through the planets and their properties, some of which were slight exaggerated I think but nothing terribly unusual.

But I woke up from it with a start and now I cannot stop worrying about the end of the world, specifically what would happen if Earth was on a collision course with a rogue planet or a similarly large object like the dwarf planet Ceres.

Which is so plausible it’s utterly terrifying and I cannot stop shaking or thinking about what I’d do, what we’d do as a species. Would I kill myself? Probably. I’m terrified of the slow agonizingly long death of waiting for an earth decimating collision. But somehow that is multiplying in my head to make me feel like it’s already going to happen, that it’s right now, we’re all going to die right now and I just can’t… do anything but cry and shake.

I don’t think I like this pill regiment anymore…

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